• Vaccination Protocols
    At the Veterinary Center of Sarasota, we always keep up with the very latest in vaccination protocols for your furry family members. In 1999, research on the duration of core Read more
  • I Just Need Flea/Tick Meds!! Why do I Need a Visit?
    As a sub-tropical climate of high humidity and warm temperature ranges, Florida is the ideal environment for growing fleas year round. The only flea control products we recommend, stock or Read more
  • To Raw or Not to Raw - Raw Meat for Fido?
    We’re often asked if raw meat for Fido is ‘OK’. Proponents point out that wolves evolved and live today on a diet of raw meat and claim a number of Read more
  • Parasites! Viruses! - Traveling? Oh My!
    Updated Oct 20, 2017.Thinking of visiting another state with Fido or Felicia? Here’s a nifty resource for determining which vaccinations you may want done for your pet. To be perfectly Read more
  • Hurricane Irma - Afterwards - Tues Sept 12
    We are happy to let all our clinic friends and family members know that we've weathered Hurricane Irma in good shape.And yes! We are open!! We're ready to give your favorite furry Read more
  • Rabid Dog!! Rabies Fact v Fiction
    Rabid Dog is one of the most common cultural icons of rabid animals that everyone has. Everyone knows bites from rabid dogs are dangerous.The problem with Everyone knows is that Read more
  • Don't Get Bit! Part One: Bite Avoidance Dealing with the Stranger Dog
    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports there are 4.5 million dog bites in the United States every year. About half of these dog bites happen in the home with Read more
  • News from Our Clinic: Noel – Passing Notes
    We lost our clinic’s long time resident singer Noel today. He lived here at the clinic for about 31 years and could have been one of the oldest cockatiels in the Read more
  • Tick Proof Your Yard Today!
    With the onset of Spring, now is the time to tick proof your yard. This is an essential part of protecting Fido and Felicia as well as yourself and the Read more
  • Pet Health Insurance - What Is and Do You Need It?
    Not everyone can be as happy go lucky as Brownie. You can believe she's not worried about Pet Insurance at all! What is Pet Health Insurance? Health insurance for your pet Read more
  • Boredom Killers - Toys for Big Dogs
    One way to look at dog toys is to group them into two categories. There are toys for you to play with your dog. Then there are toys which you Read more
  • Holiday Gifting for Fido and Felicia
    For pet parents or friends of pet parents, picking a gift Fido or Felicia to participate in the holidays can have mistaken assumptions and difficulties. We offer the following tips for safe and Read more
  • Don't Get Bit! Part Two: Fear and Aggression – Doggy Social Cues
    The Dog Genome Project shows us that there is only a 0.04% difference in DNA between gray wolves and dogs. Dog behavior and social cues are therefore deeply rooted in wolf pack social Read more
  • How Much Chocolate is Too Much?
    You just found out your dog scarfed down the your prized Chocolate Easter Bunny that you were saving to treat yourself with later.Is Fido safe? Do you need to see Read more
  • What NOT to Feed Your Dog - Part II
    The is the second half of our blog entries on What NOT to Feed Fido. Part I covers Xylitol, Avocado, Alcohol and Onions. Chocolate has it's own entry.Caffeine is naturally produced Read more
  • Fido Paw Tips
    Care and maintenance of Fido's paws is easily and often overlooked. Most dogs don't usually exhibit obvious signs of problems until they start limping or leave blood spots on your Read more


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  • "I just moved here, and had appointments for my 2 dogs with Dr Gary. He is amazing with my dogs. They both were relaxed, which they have never been during vet visits! Dr Gary and his staff obviously know animals well, and gave me great suggestions for some behavior problems I was having. His suggestions have worked wonders. I am so happy to have found this vet, as I know my 2 dogs will always have the best of care with Dr Gary and his staff! Highly recommend!"
    Shawn Cahill S.
  • "I knew after the first visit that all the recommendations, were spot on. The team here is top notch!"
    Charles Frank S.