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News from Our Clinic: Noel – Passing Notes

We lost our clinic’s long time resident singer Noel today. He lived here at the clinic for about 31 years and could have been one of the oldest cockatiels in the world. I’ve heard there was a 32 year old cockatiel living in Great Britain.

Dr. Reinhardt got Noel from a client who couldn’t keep him anymore. At the time, Dr. Reinhardt was still seeing the occasional avian patient and thought we all could learn more about birds by having our own resident bird. This was before avian Vet specialists were in town.
Until the last few weeks, the only problem he ever had was a feather stuck in his ‘nose’. He bit and drew blood when Dr Reinhardt tried to remove it!
Noel really didn’t like humans but he loved animals. He especially loved kittens to whom he’d serenade all his songs to. He had a repertoire of songs he learned years ago. We’d had a high school volunteer at Christmas time who constantly sang carols – off key.
Hopefully, there will be lots of kittens across the rainbow bridge.

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