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Pet Apps for Your Android Smartphone

There are many {hundreds of} pet related Apps ranging from technical references to individual private clinics to children's make believe vet pets to pet resource finders and everything in between. We've culled out many apps looking for those which could be directly useful for you and your furry kids. "Useful" means that they provide practical, meaningful information in the palm of your hand which can, at need, directly help Fido or Felicia.

The first app which all dog or cat owners should have is the Pet First Aid - Red Cross app as provided by the American Red Cross. The "Pet First Aid" app is specifically designed to help you cope with immediate problems like bleeding, burns, seizures, heat related problems, poisoning and more. It contains what you need to know to deal with "right now" pet problems.

This app is NOT a diagnostic tool. This app should NOT be used to figure out what's wrong with your pet. Instead, this app is very focused on helping you cope with your pet's immediate problem/emergency. Then, should circumstances warrant, you can consult with your local {emergency} vet.

The second useful app is for owners of diabetic pets. It's titled RVC Diabetic Pet. "RVC" is the Royal Veterinary College of London. The Diabetic Pet app is provided by RVC in conjunction with the Rumba Foundation (of England). It contains tools for keeping a daily diabetes log, list of medications, reminder alarms for timely administration and more. Part of the "more" includes the ability to generate a log report within a date range that you can email to yourself or your vet. You can also optionally send anonymous log information to the RVC to further their Pet Diabetes research.

The above links take you to their respective Internet web pages at the Google Play Store. There, you can find out more information about each app.

From your phone, open the Play Store app. Then search for “Pet First Aid Red Cross” or “RVC Diabetic Pet” respectively.

These apps are both free. This means free from fees and free from any ties to commercial concerns. Both apps are provided by organizations which are expert in their fields. Highly recommended.


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