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  • Reminder: No Halloween Candy for Fido!!!
    Xylitol toxicity is dangerous and can be fatal for Fido. Never give Fido any hard candies, gums or mints as many if not the majority of these include Xylitol as Read more
  • Dont Get Bit! Part One: Avoidance Tips You Can Do
    The idea of being bitten by a dog can be pretty darn scary. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports there are 4.5 million dog bites in the Read more
  • World Animal Day - October 4th 2017
    What is World Animal Day? This day is an internationally recognized day to promote animal health, treatment and care.How did World Animal Day originate?Heinrich Zimmermann, the German writer and publisher Read more
  • After the Hurricane - Dos and Donts
    The hurricane is over and you’ve gotten back home with Fido and Felicia. Here are the dos and donts to keep your four legged family members safe. Don’t let your Read more
  • Hurricane Preparedness - Tips & Tricks
    Printer Friendly VersionTips:Plan for your pet in advance especially if you live in an evacuation area.Use your plan or checklist!Take your pet with you when you evacuate.Know your evacuation route.Ask Read more
  • Rabid!! Infection and Treatment
    Everyone knows that rabies treatment is painful. Everyone knows infected people can become rabid and infect others.Again, the problem with Everyone knows is that much of what everyone knows is Read more
  • Ticks!!!
    The US Department of Agriculture expects a record nationwide tick outbreak this year for all ticks. This is because last winter was the warmest winter ever. Though a bumper crops Read more
  • World Rabies Day - September 28
    This is the first of a series of Rabies related blog entries. We’re doing this series in support of World Rabies Day, Sept 28, 2017. Each entry will focus on Read more
  • Doggy Kisses - DON'T
    To let your dog ‘kiss’ you or not ‘kiss’ you. That’s the Question. Short form answer? NOT!To be clear, we’re defining doggy ‘kisses’ as being licked or snuffled by your Read more
  • Canine Influenza - What You Need to Know
    Canine influenza virus {CIV} is highly infectious and potentially life threatening. Make informed decisions for your pet’s best health.Signs: Coughing, high fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, nasal discharge.Transmission: Coughing, barking, Read more
  • Food You and Fido Can Share
    We've been reminding everyone about foods, plants and poisons that Fido shouldn’t be allowed to eat. The flip side is "What foods are good/safe for Fido?" Before we get to Read more
  • Flea Facts Part II Prevention and Control
    Flea Prevention and Control focus on killing adult fleas, preventing eggs from hatching and on killing larvae, eggs and cocooned fleas when and where possible. A full prevention and control Read more
  • Flea Facts Part I Life Cycle
    Flea Control is especially difficult here in Florida. This is partly because Florida’s sub-tropical environment is ideal for the flea life cycle. It’s also partly due to flea’s increasing resistance Read more
  • July 4th Tips
    Here are several tips to help Fido be safe during the July 4th Holiday:Most dogs don't like loud noises. Make a safe place inside for your 4-legged kids. It will Read more
  • Pet Apps for Your Android Smartphone
    There are many {hundreds of} pet related Apps ranging from technical references to individual private clinics to children's make believe vet pets to pet resource finders and everything in between. Read more
  • Fido Paw Tips
    Care and maintenance of Fido's paws is easily and often overlooked. Most dogs don't usually exhibit obvious signs of problems until they start limping or leave blood spots on your Read more


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  • "I just moved here, and had appointments for my 2 dogs with Dr Gary. He is amazing with my dogs. They both were relaxed, which they have never been during vet visits! Dr Gary and his staff obviously know animals well, and gave me great suggestions for some behavior problems I was having. His suggestions have worked wonders. I am so happy to have found this vet, as I know my 2 dogs will always have the best of care with Dr Gary and his staff! Highly recommend!"
    Shawn Cahill S.
  • "I knew after the first visit that all the recommendations, were spot on. The team here is top notch!"
    Charles Frank S.